Small project selling auto parts and appliances.


Small project selling auto parts and appliances.



About the project:

Cars are one of the most modern industries, which are in demand with time and if Anzert to the country’s imports of cars, you will find that the rate of imports of cars is very large. And also to see the roads and streets ten years ago and to see the same roads now. Of course, ten years ago the roads were wide and there is no congestion. But now everything has changed and it became the same roads are overcrowded and choked with traffic. Of course, every car of this huge number of cars need parts. For example, you need to find a car mirror Bdlah to the one broken and the other needs one more piece and so on. Therefore considered the idea of ​​setting up a small shop selling auto parts idea very successful by all measures not only to the presence of consumers and abundance. Also the goods, whether parts or accessories are sold twice the price and this price agreed and consequently we get in a small project selling auto parts to the equation of a beautiful presence and frequent customers. In addition to the great profit of each piece.

Place the establishment of a small business selling auto parts:

You should choose a place in an area known for this type of trade where frequented by car owners in the acquisition of something they want. And should also be the shop on Main Street or the corner of a key in order to be visible to customers.

The size of the labor required:

This project does not require a large number of workers, given that only a small project, a project manager and you are a worker and one or two at the latest.

Marketing a small business selling auto parts:

You can print some of Leaved propaganda and distribution, as well as some cards own the shop. In addition to news of relatives and friends. And the work of strong relationships with maintenance centers and mechanics and agree with them to send customers to you. In addition to workers choose where it helps in the marketing process too.