Technical Analysis of the Forex market EUR / USD 2014-06-06




Today, without any doubt the main event in the forex market is to spread employment index change for non-employment by the U.S. Department of Labor – changes in the number of new jobs in the non-agricultural sector during the past month. To change the cursor on the effect of strong consumer spending and the attractiveness of investment in the U.S. economy. It is also important to note that the index is released from the top during the last month and a long-term impact on the market (up to a week). Looking ahead, Non Farm at 14:30 Central European Time. Currently expected slowdown in the rate of 218,000 to 214,000 jobs. If confirmed expectations, or even came exaggeration, should keep an eye weakness of the U.S. currency.


To look at the currency pair EUR / USD chart to four hours. Price resistance across the line H4 upwards. And is what gives the opportunity for the growth of new momentum. Since the refraction of the current trend, so the only trend affecting the movement at the present time: the daytime upward trend. Confirms the upward trend of the index by Trend ParabolicSAR. It is worth noting, too, cross the price line signal channel pivot point upwards. It happens to coincide with the model form candle emerging “assimilation” (Palmsttal colored yellow in the chart). Index confirms the trend RSI-Bars – interrupt value moving average and the upper limit of the Bollinger bands.


It would be reasonable to put the purchase is deferred over the resistance of the fractal William Bell at the level of 1.36695. Can choose Alstob cautious manner – less than the signal line pivot point (1.36069) or in a more conservative approach, less than the minimum Aleksora latter at the level of 1.35040. Author may prefer to provide two-way portfolio with different degree of risk. At the beginning of the deal, it is advisable to transfer Alstob after the parabolic values ​​every four hours after the implementation of it. Thus, we can improve the rate of return / risk on our side constantly process changes in market conditions. Can put a trailing stop automatically, taking into account the distance between the price and the current values ​​of the index Parabolic SAR.