Charitable donations in America increased despite economic concerns

Despite the economic slowdown, and the fear of a recession in America, but the big charities say that what you get from donations has not gone down yet.

In fact, about 64 per cent of organizations that have contributed to provide information to the annual survey of the Federation of fundraising, has recorded a rise in what I got out of funds in the last year compared to 2006.

Says Paulette Mihira president of the Union «that our surveys indicate that harvested from more than money donations steadily», explained that the results that have been reached in the last year are preliminary, and the situation may change in 2008.

Some charities have noticed already having signs of a decline in donations conditions, as Stephen Burrell vice president of the Alumni Association at University College Olliams that «says fundraising for the University of going well, but the number of donors has fallen somewhat efforts. He added that he could not identify a specific factor has led to this situation.

Some charities and pointed to a slight drop in donations that offer it, but officials believe that it is too early to pass judgment on the situation.
However, they at the same time pointed to the anxiety that has become Isawarham, because the economy has undoubtedly have an impact in terms of the financial status of their associations.