Fundraising refers to efforts to collect money from my donation to support the cause or project and is usually nonprofit. In general, condense fundraising efforts seek request a gift, in cash or in kind, from people Ooualemassat commercial Oalkharia Oaovernmah, or manner of collective funding. Of the simplest methods of fundraising are knocking on doors or call to donate in public places and private places that are related to religious or social projects. But there are new forms of fundraising such as online donation or television, or withdrawals on the eyepieces precious.


Divides donors in the Arab world into four sectors:

1-sector individual and family: It is the main source for the majority of cases of donation in the Arab world. The donation is the most prominent types:

2-Zakat, alms, donations in cash and kind, endowments and bequests as people can donate in kind, such as the allocation of values โ€‹โ€‹of his own time or the knowledge and experience to the work of the charity at no charge. Among the most famous types of personal donation Tipping is an amount of money is added to the value of the bill and be dedicated to the service provided by someone such as a taxi driver or host restaurant.

3-The private sector: The private sector funded projects or issues in donations for publicity, or as part of the company’s philosophy for the application of corporate social responsibility, or as a reduction in taxes.

4-Non-profit sector: Normally, the non-profit sector donations in kind, such as improving sanitation in remote villages or the development of computer use in the social sector.

The public sector: the government sector contributions include service activities or events, such as providing community support for schools Mae free or associations to sporting activities in the villages or to help victims of disasters. It also includes donations of government assistance by rich countries to other countries in support of the society or the economy.

The rest of the world shared the same principles donation followed in the Arab world, but it adds to some of the practices that depend on the values โ€‹โ€‹of society and which are not available in general in the Arab world, including:

Fundraising precinct: The laws of most Western countries such as the United States, allow collects donations to electoral campaigns to support a candidate, but with limits. These practices are virtually non-existent in the Arab world. In some cases, the opposite as the candidate donates to the community, either through financial or in-kind services to attract votes.


Donation for tax cuts: tax laws depends in some Western societies, some of the incentives that encourage citizens to provide donations for projects or issues of concern to them compared to the calculation of these donations as part of the tax imposed. In Switzerland, used this method to encourage citizens to donate their organs merchandise for fundraising: It is international practice to collect Alterat which did not reach the Arab world and Lhasa is the sale of goods or services in exchange for a donation. For example, in the United States, the young Americans Alkchaviat selling sweets to support their institutions. As there are individuals collecting donations on the basis of miles they cut in marathons such as Terry Fox campaign global.



Means of fundraising

There are many ways to collect donations including: direct personal communication, campaigns door-to-door campaigns in the streets and markets, speeches personal, telecommunications indirect, special events Kaloaaad, the ad different media, the call to contribute to cover the cost of service Mthelkvalh orphan, Concerts annual organizations volunteer, project proposals such as running medical project, subscriptions and membership fees, charity bazaars and bazaars, art galleries, cards, events, shops and markets goodness, deductions monthly, mail campaigns, charity auctions, piggy bank goodness and placed on the market or schools, character and coupons good and marches and sports competitions at all levels, or any other similar activities.