Director of running the location of “Facebook” to donate half their wealth to charity




Sheryl Sandberg joined the director to run the social networking site Facebook months to set Alumblyadiratt philanthropists founded by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates and his wife Melinda and who donated half their wealth to charitable organizations.


He joined seven wealthy new to this group, known as the “pledged to donate” whom Paul Orfalea, founder of Kinko Greg Silverstein and one of the first employees of the company Google. Buffett said that the accession of these, “says the group’s wealth of experience,” we’ll know a lot of experiences where we are targeting all of us to encourage others to donate faster and more.


“It is noteworthy that this group that are in the city of Seattle encourages billionaires to donate half their wealth at least to charitable organizations, with an estimated Magazine Forbes American wealth Sandberg about 949.9 million dollars. collection includes “pledged to donate” 127 billionaires from 12 countries and 26 American state, among other characters, which pledged to donate half their wealth Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft Corp. and Mark Tsukrberj Facebook founder, George Lucas, director and producer of a series of war movies stars.